Get All HD Wallet Addresses

Use this call to list all the hd wallet addresses, as documented here at docs

API used: GET /v1/btc/main/wallets/hd//addresses?token=

In samples we are using CreateHDWallet.php sample to get the created instance of wallet. You have to run that sample before running this one or there will be no wallets

require __DIR__ . '/../bootstrap.php'; if (isset($_GET['wallet_name'])) { $walletName = filter_input(INPUT_GET, 'wallet_name', FILTER_SANITIZE_SPECIAL_CHARS); } else { $walletName = 'bob'; // Default hd wallet name for samples } $walletClient = new \BlockCypher\Client\HDWalletClient($apiContexts['BTC.main']); try { $output = $walletClient->getWalletAddresses($walletName); } catch (Exception $ex) { ResultPrinter::printError("List all HDWallet addresses", "AddressList", $walletName, null, $ex); exit(1); } ResultPrinter::printResult("List all HDWallet addresses", "AddressList", $walletName, null, $output); return $output;