Create, Sign and Send With MicroTXClient

Client-side signing.

This sample code demonstrate how you can create, sign and send a new microtransaction, as documented here at: http://dev.blockcypher.com/#microtransaction-endpoint

API used: POST /v1/btc/main/txs/micro

require __DIR__ . '/../bootstrap.php'; $microTXClient = new \BlockCypher\Client\MicroTXClient($apiContexts['BCY.test']); try { /// Create, Sign and Send a MicroTX $microTX = $microTXClient->sendSigned( "2c2cc015519b79782bd9c5af66f442e808f573714e3c4dc6df7d79c183963cff", // private key "C4MYFr4EAdqEeUKxTnPUF3d3whWcPMz1Fi", // to address 10000 // value (satoshis) ); } catch (Exception $ex) { ResultPrinter::printError("Created, Sign and Send MicroTX", "MicroTX", null, null, $ex); exit(1); } ResultPrinter::printResult("Created, Sign and Send MicroTX", "MicroTX", $microTX->getHash(), null, $microTX);