Generate New BlockCypher Test Address

API called: '/v1/bcy/test'

require __DIR__ . '/../bootstrap.php';

An AddressKeyChain represents an associated collection of public and private keys alongside their respective public address.

/// For sample purposes only $addressKeyChain = new \BlockCypher\Api\AddressKeyChain(); $request = clone $addressKeyChain; $addressClient = new \BlockCypher\Client\AddressClient($apiContexts['BCY.test']); try { /// Create new test BCY Address $addressKeyChain = $addressClient->generateAddress(); } catch (Exception $ex) { ResultPrinter::printError("Generate Test Bcy Address", "AddressKeyChain", null, $request, $ex); exit(1); } ResultPrinter::printResult("Generate Test Bcy Address", "AddressKeyChain", $addressKeyChain->getAddress(), $request, $addressKeyChain); return $addressKeyChain;