Get Block With Paging

By default, we only return the 20 first transactions. This method allows you to retrieve next 20 transactions.

API called: '/v1/btc/main/blocks/0000...0000c504bdea...44328?txstart=20&limit=20'

require __DIR__ . '/../bootstrap.php'; $blockClient = new \BlockCypher\Client\BlockClient();

TX list begins at 'txstart' and we only get 'limit' transactions at once

$params = array( 'txstart' => 1, 'limit' => 1, ); try { $block = $blockClient->get('0000000000000000c504bdea36e531d8089d324f2d936c86e3274f97f8a44328', $params, $apiContexts['BTC.main']); } catch (Exception $ex) { ResultPrinter::printError("Get Block With Paging", "Block", '0000000000000000c504bdea36e531d8089d324f2d936c86e3274f97f8a44328', null, $ex); exit(1); } ResultPrinter::printResult("Get Block With Paging", "Block", $block->getHash(), null, $block); return $block;